Photoshoot FAQ

We aim to provide edits within 14 days of submission of your selections, however this is not always possible due to our international trips or pre-booked shoots so an email will be sent to you when you submit your selections with an estimated delivery date. Please be patient, we will get your edits to you as soon as possible.

Yes of course - you are welcome to bring a friend or chaperone to the shoot with you.

Yes - you will be able to select the images you would like edited. There will be a certain number included in your shoot package (please check shoot descriptions for details).

Yes of course although please note that in order to ensure everyone receives included edits as quickly as possible, additional edits may be scheduled after the included edits, you will be advised of this when you make your selections.

No, you receive edited high resolution files, we do not supply raw files for any of our shoots unless this agreed in writing in advance - additional fees apply.

Our photoshoots include professional retouching to include: colour balancing and grading to make your photographs stand out, removal of any items that detract from the photo (such as lights, cables, labels etc) and as advised by you we can focus on any areas you would like us to with regard to blemish removal, cellulite removal, scar removal, stretch mark removal, stray hair removal, smoothing etc.

Yes but on a limited basis and at our discretion - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are open to all levels and styles.

With all of our shoots it is possible to pre-book a MUAH through us but this must be done in advance and we cannot guarantee availability - alternatively you can book your own. 

We are often asked if there is any particular preparation you should do before your photoshoot, we would recommend the following to get the best possible results;

Make sure you have travel arrangements in place to get to your shoot on time with plenty of time to spare.

Make sure if you have booked an MUAH that you discuss with them the shoot and the look you are going for so that you have enough time to get ready for the shoot.

Discuss your shoot ideas/outfits with us before your shoot.

Please do not use fake tan unless you are an expert in applying it as it takes far more time to remove patchy skin, hands etc than it would for us to make you more tanned in the edit!

Please note that we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to rectify extreme fake tan issues. If you can’t live without a tan then a natural tan or a professionally applied spray tan is best - but remember we can make you more tanned in the edit!

Be as well groomed as possible, check for stains/rips in clothing you want to shoot, check for chipped nails and visible extension clips etc. 

Photoshoot Trip FAQ

Flights are not included in our trip fees, you will need to source, book and pay for your own flights. A specific flight/s will be recommended on booking a trip so that you can take advantage of our free airport transfer from the airport to the accommodation on arrival at your destination. You are, of course, welcome to book alternative flights however you will then also be responsible for organising and paying for your own airport transfer.

Our trips are generally self catering however where any food or drinks are included in your trip this will be clearly stated in the trip description, if you are unsure please check with us before booking.

We recommend a specific flight/s to all of our attendees so that you are able to travel in groups if you would like to, the recommended flights also coincide with our scheduled airport transfers at the location so these are the best option. We usually have a group chat available before the trip so you can get to know the other attendees and organise  to travel together if you wish to do so, plan any trips etc before you arrive.

We provide airport transfers for specific flights/arrival times only - please check before booking your flight.

The number of people attending varies depending on the villa capacity and bookings, generally our trips are sold out however we ensure that groups are kept small so that there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the facilities, have ample shoot time and plenty of free time to explore.

We do not generally do group shoots unless requested and by prior arrangement. Each trip will specify what shoots are included in the description, generally you have one shoot at the accommodation and one on location in the local area. If you have any questions about shoots on the trip please contact us for further information. 

Edits are uploaded to Google Drive and you will be sent a link to access your folder where you can view watermarked images from your shoots. We aim to provide screenshots within 14 days from the last day of the Rockstar Photography trip in that location (please note you may be on the first week of a trip where there may be three consecutive weeks and in that instance we would aim to provide your screenshots within 14 days of our final date in that location not from the date you fly home). This is because while we are still working on location we need to give all of the Models the same focus and attention for their shoots and as a small team we cannot stop the trips to go through thousands of images. 

Yes - you will be able to select the images you would like edited. There will be a certain number included in your trip package (please check trip descriptions for details).

Yes of course although please note that in order to ensure everyone receives included edits as quickly as possible, additional edits may be scheduled after the included edits, you will be advised of this when you make your selections.

Couples may be allowed - please contact us to discuss.

Friends may be allowed  - please contact us to discuss. Please note that friends places are only available at the same cost as the Model places. Please contact us to check availability.

This really depends on you and what you want to achieve with your shoots, some Models are looking to get photos for brands and want to do quick changes and get a lot of different outfits in however we would recommend that to get the best results and to make the most of your shoot time that you choose 2/3 outfits for each shoot. You are welcome to discuss your shoot ideas with us before the trip so that we can discuss and advise.

We shoot on location but this differs between trips, please contact us to discuss the location/details/aspect of this part of the trip.

A shoot timetable will be provided nearer the date of the trip, we don’t like to specify a shoot duration as some people get their shots quickly while other Models need more time to achieve their shots - we believe in quality over quantity and think its counterproductive to insist on a certain amount of shoot time - we often go above and beyond to get the best shots for you. We do however reserve the right to set a maximum shoot time for each shoot to be fair to all Models the trip. There is always lots of free time for you to explore.

This really depends on what you are intending to do in your free time on the trip, what your tastes are regarding food and drink and the location itself.  Our advice would be to join the group chat for the trip, discuss with the other Models what you would like to do and any trips, clubs etc you would like to go to and then make a plan of the money you need for those things, take into account if you are likely to go shopping and cook for yourself or if you would like to eat out every day. Check information for the area you are travelling to regarding prices of food, alcohol, taxis, trips etc.